We emerged from a challenge and a passion. In the beginning of our days, we wanted to create a product that didn't yet exist in Argentina. At the same time, our founder, Luciano Silvestrini, a national entrepreneur, was passionate about starting his own business. And that is how the magic began.

We started by developing one single product in a small apartment in Buenos Aires. This was the famous ‘Pink Mask’ that gave the name to our brand. After lots of sleepless nights, we were able to put together a tight-knit team, produce a vast amount of products and expand our brand globally

  ¿WHO ARE WE?  

Pink Mask is an Argentinian Nail Art company born in 2014. We are expanding internationally to become the #1 Nail Art brand in the world. In 2020 we started selling in the U.S. and we are currently working to reach the rest of Latin America as well.

We deliver wow-worthy products and experiences that empower, inspire and delight thousands of Nail Artists around the Globe. We do that through our innovative products, deep passion and full dedication to creating and delivering exactly what Nail Artists want.

Our culture is fast-paced, ambitious, and we buzz with excitement everyday. We are data-driven enthusiasts and fond of technology. Dynamic and always ready to think creatively, our team is prepared to bring solutions to complex scenarios.

Our biggest motivation is the countless amount of messages that we receive from our #PinkMaskLovers, showing us their artwork, professional growth and satisfaction with our creations. We love to see how they can use our products to unleash their creative potential and to break the boundaries of their imagination.


At Pink Mask, we strive to create fantastic nail products that you will love. Most importantly, we make remarkable creations while taking care of everyone's health and environment. That is why all of our products are Vegan, Cruelty Free and do not contain harmful chemicals (13 Free).


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Pink Mask is buzzing with excitement and passion everyday. We are thrilled to welcome you to our team. We are a youthful group exploring new dynamics in the business world. We prioritize cooperation, efficiency, resourcefulness and a great work environment.


Join our family! Send your CV to HR@PINK-MASK.COM


From day one, Pink Mask was conceived as a global brand. In order for us to reach the high quality standards that characterize us, we work hard to develop the best supplier for each of our products.

We are currently working with suppliers and raw materials from over 7 different countries around the globe.