3 tips for taking photos and videos of your work.

Many times our Pink Mask Lovers tell us that they don’t know how to show their work, how to take pictures or what to take into account when making short videos to upload to their profiles. The good news is that by paying attention to some details, you can make amazing pics to show in the networks and have more clients.

First and foremost, we suggest enrolling in Gaby Nails' 'Social Media' course, where she reveals all the secrets to help you grow your social media presence.Here are 3 tips to improve the photos and videos of your work to upload to the networks.

1. Light, is it the most important thing?

Yes! Light is fundamental when showing your work. You don’t need to have a super light ring to get a good photo, but it is important that the scene you set up is properly illuminated. You can use a lamp, use your cell phone flash or place your hands near a natural light source, such a window.

Pay special attention to where the shadows are being cast and if they affect the visualization of the design. If they do, we recommend changing the position of the hands or the location of the artificial light to achieve a harmonious photo.

2. The scene, what objects can we add?

The best nail art photos are achieved with objects that accompany or enhance the design. However, it is not about putting anything near the hands to decorate, but to look for objects that complement. For example, if the nail art is colorful and summery, you could add something related to that season of the year such as sunglasses, shells or a colorful sarong. On the other hand, if it is winter, the hands could hold a cup of coffee or hot tea.

We suggest you also set up a small box reserved with neutral objects to have them always at hand. Some stones or spheres, petals or whole flowers, different textured papers, pompoms, etc.

3. The posture of the hands, a great theme!

Surely it has ever happened to you that you wanted to take a picture of your work, in your own hands or in someone else’s, and you didn’t know how to position them so that they look natural and, at the same time, that your work is appreciated. The truth is that the posture has a great influence on the final result, that’s why we give you some tips that can help you find the perfect position for your photos or videos:

  • Always make sure the hand is holding an object to make them look natural.
  • Fingers should have some movement and be claw-shaped.
  • Do not let the hand be stiff and in a flat position.
  • Look for an intermediate shot, i.e., neither too close nor too far away, so that you can later crop the photo to adapt it to different formats.
  • If it is a video, try to use a tripod or something to support the phone so that it moves as little as possible.

After taking your photo or video, editing is the next step. Luckily for us, there are many APPs for retouching photos, improving light or contrast, changing image size, adding captions or transitions to videos, etc. Most of them offer a free version with certain unlocked functions; and a paid version with added features.

In our opinion, the best are:

  • Canva (videos and photos)
  • InShot (videos and photos)
  • CapCut (video edition)
  • Snapseed (photo-retouching)
  • LightRoom (photo-retouching)
  • Unfold (to make animated stories)

Something fundamental to be successful is to show what you do. Therefore, having social networks where you can upload these photos and videos is essential. Instagram, Tik Tok and/or Pinterest are the three best for you to show your photos or videos.

Take the plunge and grow in networks by showing your work!