Builder Gel in a pot: your new favorite manicure essential.

The builder gel is a self-leveling builder pot that can be used for capping, repairing damaged nails or creating nail structures. This product is a classic builder and is ideal for use with Nail Forms XL to achieve long-lasting structures.

Today we would like to introduce you to the new Pink Mask Builder Gel in a pot in the following shades: Caramel, Cappuccino and Candy. They have a denser consistency than Builder Gel in a Bottle, which allows for longer structures. They also have a pigment with good coverage, and their packaging allows for greater practicality in their application.

It can also be used to adhere tips or accessories, as long as it is properly cured. It must be cured in a 48 watt or higher cabin for 60 seconds. What is important in all cases? Prepare the natural nail by applying base coat before builder gel; and clear before filing and/or applying semi-permanent polish.

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