Gel paint and Nail Art Gel: What is the difference and when to use each one?

Let your imagination fly! We know that you have plenty of creativity, and at Pink Mask, without forgetting about the health of your nails and without polluting the environment, we take care of making the best materials for your designs.

Our exclusive gels, Gel Paint and Nail Art Gel, are unbeatable when it comes to putting together the kit of materials for your cabinet. Below we remind you of the uses and benefits of each one; and as creativity is all about, also how to combine them to create fund and original designs.

Experience the Gel Paint sensation

Gel Paint de Pink Mask is a semi-permanent nail polish that offers you an incredible ease when creating your designs, achieving a smooth finish to the touch, with a delicate relief. This product offers high pigmentation that allows you total coverage of the surface in a single stroke, simple and fast! With these features as a stronghold, you can take your Nail Art to the next level.

This gel is ideal for creating complex, artistic and professional designs, reducing your margin of error since, thanks to the pigmentation potential of its line, you won’t have to go over every line. 

Treat yourself to Nail Art Gel

In this product, we mixed the goodness of two Pink Mask creations and gave birth to Art Gel: the high pigmentation and perfection of Gel Paint + the spectacular professional range of colors of Gel Color.

Art Gel is a more fluid, super trendy product and, as we are in charge of creating products that simplify your work, it comes with a liner incorporated in its container, which turns it practically into a pen to create the finest, most detailed and fascinating strokes, those that, until now, you could not dare to do with confidence and fluency.

We invite you to mix Gel Paint and Nail Art Gel!

In Pink Mask, we think about what you need to take your designs to the artistic excellence, and we work to create it. Taking risks and combining products, materials and styles will allow you to be on the crest of the Nail Art wave.

You can use the Gel Paint for larger surfaces that need relief, and the Nail Art Gel with its exclusive liner, to detail and finish your work with perfection and style. Discover all the products we have for you on our website,