The Dos and Don'ts of stamping

Nail stamping is a technique that is very fashionable thanks to the ease it offers when it comes to making drawings on the nails. Nowadays, there are many plates that offer a great diversity of designs, it’s just a matter of practice!

We share with you some tips and advice to keep in mind when practicing nail stamping.

1- DO NOT press hard on the nail stamp

 ✅ DO gently roll the nail stamp on the plate

It is important that you make all the movements gently to avoid overloading the enamel and not having a good result, and to protect the working tools.

2- DO NOT clean the nail stamp with nail polish remover 

✅ DO clean the nail stamp with adhesive tape. 

Nail polish remover can damage the nail stamp, as well as filling it, so we recommend you to clean it with and adhesive tape. Place the tape over the seal and lift it up: the enamel remains will come off easily. On the other hand, nail polish remover CAN be used to clean your plaque.

3- DO NOT scrape many times

DO: Scrape just once 

Less is more and, therefore, a single scraping of the plate is sufficient to remove the excess product so that the seal can lift what is needed. In addition, we remind you that, with a new plate, it is important to lift and remove the protective film before using it.

Perfect match for your stamping art: Jumbo Stamping is a larger stamp, 4 cm in diameter, mate of silicone and transparent. It has a lid and, being larger, allows you to work with more elaborate or larger designs. It also comes with a scraper.

Do you need to see all these tips in action? We invite you to watch this video

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