Discover the benefits that make Pink Mask foundations unique.

The base coat is a product used before polishing to protect the natural nail, preventing the pigment from staining the surface and, at the time of removing the color, to maintain the health of the nail.

There are many types of base coats. Depending on the needs of each nail, it will be better to apply one or the other. We will tell you the characteristics that make our bases unique!

Rubber Base Coat de Pink Mask: the star of the family

This base is soak-off (i.e. it can be removed with gel remover) and has 2 distinctive features that make it special and unique:

  • High viscosity, which makes it much easier to work with.
  • Hyper-flexibility, making curing simpler and more efficient.

The Rubber Base Coat is perfect to give an extra dose of strength to thin, flaky or brittle nails and is ideal for overlay or capping since it is self-leveling due to its viscosity. It comes in five shades (clear, milky, milky pink, light pink and charm pink) and very soon we will be launching 3 more shades.

Base Coat by Pink Mask: a must-have in your manicure kit

This classic base coat contains organic resins that guarantee excellent adhesion. It is a soak-off product, formulated to protect the health of your nails, achieving optimal adhesion of the semi-permanent polish. It does not require the application of primer and, for maximum effectiveness, we recommend that you carefully prepare the nail and make sure it is free of dust.

Latest Launch: Fortifying Base Coat

We have just launched a new base coat that we know you’re going to love! It is an ideal product for thin or weakened nails, which generates a layer of greater rigidity on the nail, thus preventing your nail polish from skipping. Check it out on our website!

Stay tuned to our news and remember that in Pink Mask we take care of creating products that people love, that take care of people’s health and that preserve the world we live in.