Remove the semi-permanent nail polish in 3 steps!

More and more people choose semi-permanent nail polish for its durability. Just as its application has its little tricks so that the finish is perfect and of quality; when removing it, you must also follow a series of steps to make it a simple and practical process. 

In this article, we will tell you the 3 steps to follow to remove the semi-permanent nail polish. 

Step 1: Remove the gloss

Using a block file or the 100/180 file, remove the shine, i.e. the top layer of the semi-permanent polish so that the remover can penetrate well. At this point, the nail should be completely opaque and without the top coat. 

Also, to remove semi-permanent nail polish, you can use a carbide nail drill bits to allow a faster removal of the material. On our website you can find a wide variety of shapes and materials of carbide nail drills.

Step 2: Place the remover

Once the nail is prepared, place a piece or disc of cotton soaked with remover on the nail and place it on the nail. You can secure it with a cap, a snap-on capsule or aluminum foil to keep the cotton moist and increase the efficiency of the product. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Pink Mask Gel Remover is formulated to facilitate the removal of gel polish quickly and easily without damaging the natural nail. It is a product for professional use only and contains acetone.

Step 3: Remove the remains with a spatula.

After waiting the required time, remove the cotton swabs soaked with remover and remove the remains of nail polish with a spatula or orange stick and polish. Clean the nail with a wipe soaked with nail polish remover and, finally, apply cuticle oil to nourish the area. 

Our cuticle care Care Oil was created based on a combination of oils and floral extracts that moisturizes and conditions cuticles and nails, providing nutrients and Vitamin E.

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