Trend alert for this spring/summer 2024: 3D Nails

Embossed nails, your favorite trend for this season

People who love disruptive designs love embossed nails. Those who prefer minimalist designs incorporate embossed nails in small details. Even those who are looking for novel and trend-setting designs, definitely are choosing to follow this trend. Indeed, embossed details on nails have become all the rage among people, who choose them for all kinds of effects. 

Why is that? In this case there is a reason. It is a versatile effect that can work to add an elegant and sophisticated detail to more traditional designs.  

Once upon a time, there were jelly nails

This embossed effect is nothing new. Many years ago in Korea (and after seeing them on Kim Kardashian's hands, they became internationalized) jelly nails or 3D gel nails became fashionable. These are nails that have a design created with a kind of gel on the surface of the nail that forms a relief on it. 

Today, not only did they impose themselves in the world, but this technique has been adopted to adjust it to all possibilities. It is no longer only about small details with embossing but also about large designs on XL nails, in transparent or colored format, with appliqués and combinations of shades and with structured designs or abstract effects. 

How to create embossed nails?

The first thing is to prepare the hands and nails, as always, removing any dust or dirt and working the cuticles. Of course, you'll need to apply the base coat and do your desired build or design before moving on to the embossing.

Whether you are going to build or simply glaze, this step should be finished and fully cured by the time you do the embossing.

Solid Gel Clear: your new favorite for Embossed Nail Art

And with what material to make the embossing? In Pink Mask we have a perfect launching to achieve it: Solid Gel Clear. It is a solid gel that fulfills many functions, among them, it allows you to mold it to make an embossing design on the nail. 

Since it has no inhibition layer, it can be easily shaped and worked, even with the fingertips, without being sticky. When the shape or design is finished, you simply cure it in the cabin for 60 seconds to harden the material. 

You can also use Solid Gel to glue tips on your nails, which will be resistant and very durable. We continue to create products that set trends, make people fall in love, take care of people's health and preserve the environment. 

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