Everything you need to know about Pink Mask’s new manicure drills.

In the world of drills, there are really thousands of options. This is because each one with its shape and material allows us to do different things like working on the cuticle, removing materials or shaping the natural or acrylic nail.

If we focus on the materials, we can find manicure drills made of:

  • Carbide or ceramic, for removal of semi-permanent enamels, acrylic gels or polygel.
  • Diamond, to work cuticles or sides of the nails.
  • Silicone, for polishing the nail, folds or cuticles.

In addition, within each material, there are different weights that make the drill more or less abrasive, which can be identified by their color: black (very coarse), green (coarse), blue (medium), red (soft), or yellow (very soft).

Also different shapes that allow to work in certain directions or to reach specific places. Among the designs we find balls, cones, flames or in the shape of a corn, a bullet or a needle, among many other models.


Let's take a look at Pink Mask's new manicure drills one by one.

Diamond drills: work on cuticles, folds and sidewalls

-Flame: ideal for working on the cuticle area, lifting the cuticle and removing creases, removing any excess powder, and polishing the skin around the nail. It can also be used to perfect after the application of a product.

-Unicorn Flame: perfect for working in the cuticle area, lifting the cuticle and treating side folds. Its lifetime is twice that of the Flame bur.

-Small Flame: is a small flame or olive bur that we recommend to work on the cuticle area (lifting it, for example), in the sinus area and to remove creases.

-Ball: used to cut the cuticle in hardware manicure, to seal the cut line, to remove dry skin and to polish the skin around the nail.

-Needle: its small, pointed shape is optimal for working under the nails, on the sidewalls, and on ingrown nails.

-Microphone: thanks to its shape, it allows to easily reach the cuticle and the side walls without damaging the nail. It can be used to apply the hardware manicure technique.


Carbide drills: removal of flexible or rigid materials

-Large Safety: As its name suggests, the conical shape with safety tip allows us to remove the material without damaging the surface. In addition, its smooth texture is ideal for leveling when extending. It allows the removal of both flexible materials (leveling bases) and rigid materials (rigid bases, construction gels such as Builder Gel or acrylics). Specially designed to be used in both directions.

-Upgrade flame: like the previous one, its shape is conical with a safety tip, although it does not have a smooth surface, which allows a faster removal of the material.

-Large Barrel Smooth Top: its smooth upper design protects the skin, preventing cuticle damage and shaping the nail without leaving ridges. It is perfect for surface work. It is an ideal beginner's bur for removing both flexible and rigid materials. It is also suitable for use on the surface of sculpted nails.

-Volcano: has a conical shape with a safety tip that helps to remove both flexible and rigid materials. They were specially designed to be used in both directions.

-Thypoon: This drill was specifically designed to remove the product as quickly as possible. They can be used in both directions.


Silicone drill: polishing and shining the cuticle or nail

Our Cone drill is used for polishing, shining the cuticle and skin around the nails, and for applying oils. Its tapered shape with a fine tip is perfect for reaching difficult areas.


How to clean the manicure drills?

For cleaning, we recommend using a buffer file during each manicure job. At the end of the work, apply a disinfectant solution (for manual disinfection) or place it in an ultrasonic washer. Then, in all cases, it is necessary to sterilize with a sterilizing oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for 60 minutes. If no oven is available, chemical sterilization is an option.

Pink Mask manicure drills are universal and can be used for any lathe. In Pink Mask, we try to create products that people love, that take care of people's health, and that preserve the world in which we live. We invite you to get to know all the variety of manicure drills on our website.