What is gel paint and how is it used?

What is gel paint?

The gel paint is a type of semi-permanent nail polish, which is distinguished from others by its high concentrated pigmentation. It is indicated for: 

1- giving power to your design because of its pigmented colors.

2- work as a "frame" to make the nail ends neat and tidy

3- generate a soft relief on the nail that you can then decorate with foil paper.

It is a product specially created for nail art lovers because it offers full coverage in a single stroke, which facilitates the design of more complex drawings since it avoids having to go over each line. In addition, as it is a thicker product than traditional semi-permanent nail polish, it does not run or shrink.


How to use gel paint?

Since it comes in a pot, the best way to work it is with a liner brush, although this will always depend on the type of design you are going to make. The gel paint is cured in a booth for 60 seconds, with LEDs over 36W.

As for the order, it is important to apply:

  1. Base coat 
  2. Gel color
  3. Design with gel paint
  4. Finish with top coat

Each product should be cured accordingly before moving on to the next. We recommend not leaving the container open or near the UV/LED booth, avoid mixing with cleaners or other liquids and keep at room temperature, away from heat sources.

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