¿What does it mean for a glaze to be “soak-off”?

When we read the labels or boxes of the products we use, we often do not know exactly what the ingredients are or what all the acronyms mean. For example, some time ago we told you about what MMA (or MMA-free) meant; and we also explained why it is important to choose products approved by ANMAT.


Today we want to go deeper into “Soak-off Gels”

Over the years, in the manicure world, various materials have been tested to make nail polish last longer. Some were resistant but not safe for the health of the nails, while others were safe but did not last for long. Today we have soak off gels, or semi-permanent polishes, which offer resistance, flexibility and safety.

The soak-off gel is easy to apply. As always, it is important to prepare the nail, apply the product and cure in a UV/LED booth. The wonderful thing about this product is that it is flexible, which means that it adapts much more to the change in humidity or temperature of the natural nail, movement or curvature, which allows the polish to last much longer.

At the same time, these types of nail polishes can also be easily removed. Although they are resistant to water or alcohol-based solvents and traditional nail polish removers, they dissolve simply with acetone. It is not necessary to sand, file or scrape the area, with a cotton swab soaked and placed for a few minutes on the product, it will be enough for the product to come off.

In many countries around the world, soak-off gels have replaced acrylic or traditional nail polish because of the benefits.


Pink Mask Color Gel: soak off and safe for nail health.

All our Gel Colors are soak off polishes: resistant, flexible, easy to remove and safe for the health of nails and hands. Besides being approved by ANMAT (that is to say that this organism certified, and registered that they are safe for the health of people and the environment).

Pink Mask products are 13-Free Formula, which means that they are free of 13 possibly toxic chemicals that are often used for this type of polishes. 

As always, we strive to create products that people love, that take care of their health and that preserve the world we live in. We invite you to get to know and enjoy all the shades of our Gel Color soak off product.