4 key elements to take your Halloween designs to the next level.

1. Stamping plates

For these special dates where everyone wants to wear Halloween designs on their nails, stamping plates are your number 1 ally. In Pink Mask we have more than 60 exclusive models that offer infinite possibilities of designs in a quick and simple way.

We have two excellent options for Halloween that will allow you to perform a great variety of nail designs.

Horror Stamping Plate #51

→ Boo Stamping Plate #71

2. Nail Stamping Polish

Pink Mask nail stamping polish are hyper-pigmented, with great covering power and a wide variety of shades, making them perfect for transferring designs that stand out.

On the other hand, we also have the Art Gel, which are nail polishes specially designed for Nail Art, with excellent pigmentation and a precision liner brush included. Both products are a must have for Halloween designs!

3. Nail Art Stamps

Stamps are your allies when it comes to stamping designs on your nails. To use it, choose a stamping stamp and roll it on the pattern of a plate to lift the design. If you want to add any additional color or pattern, do it directly on the stamp. When you are done, transfer it to the nail.

Our stamps are made of silicone, which allows you to see where the design is going to be stamped in order to make the transfer correctly and neatly. 

Jumbo Stamping is a larger stamp, 4cm in diameter that has a lid and, being larger, allows you to work with more elaborate or larger designs. It also comes with a scraper.

4. Gel Paint

Gel Paint is a type of semi-permanent polish, which is distinguished from others by its high concentrated pigmentation. It is perfect to give power to a design and generate a soft relief on the nail that you can then decorate with foil paper. It offers full coverage in a single stroke and, as it is a very thick product, it does not run or shrink. It is perfect to give the final touch to your Halloween design!

Our new Spider Gel Paint is a highly elastic product formulated with ultra pigmentation designed to create spider web effects, lines, crystallized and more in 4 shades: white, black, gold and silver. To apply it, you can take the product with a dotting or liner brush and stretch it on the nail to create the desired effect. An important fact: to use them over semi-permanent nail polish, we recommend to clear the nail polish beforehand or to apply the design over Top Coat Matte, as this allows for more precise strokes. This Gel Paint cures for 60 seconds in a 48 watt booth (UV / LED, CCFL) onwards. Once it comes out of the booth, it is necessary to clear it again.

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