Thin and slim nails: Rubber Base or Builder Gel?

This is a recurring theme. Every day, many Pink Mask Lovers ask us about the best base coat to use for those who have thin, weak or soft nails. Not only because they want their work to be flawless and long-lasting, but also because these types of nails require the use of flexible materials that adapt to the natural movement of the nail.

In Pink Mask we have different options to make nail constructions, here we tell you the characteristics of each one and we tell you which is the best option for thin and weak nails.

Rubber Base Coat: the right product for thin nails

Our Rubber Base Coat is characterized by its high viscosity and hyper flexibility, which makes it follow the natural movement of the nail, in addition to self-leveling. It is a product formulated to give strength to thin and brittle nails or even for those that are flaky or split.

The Rubber Base can be used for capping, for extensions of the natural nail or as a base for a semi-permanent polish. It is also highly recommended to use it before a construction with Easy Gel.

What to keep in mind when using it? It does not require primer, although it is good to apply a coat of traditional Base Coat before use. This base is soak-off, that is to say that it can be removed with Gel Remover and it is not necessary to file or scrape the area. With a cotton swab soaked and placed for a few minutes on the product (you can help yourself with aluminum foil or caps to wrap your finger) will be enough for the product to come off.

Can I use Builder Gel on thin nails?

The Builder Gel, is a self-leveling construction gel that can be used both for capping and for building structures. You can find it in two presentations:

  • In a bottle: more liquid texture, ideal for use as a capping agent.
  • In a Pot: it is thicker and similar to a classic low-density building gel, perfect for generating longer structures, for example.

Now, unlike the Builder Gel, the Rubber Base Coat is indeed more flexible and follows the natural movement of the nail. In addition, due to the greater hardness of the Builder Gel, it is a product that dries a little heavier, so that a very thin nail may not support it or, when bent, the nail may split or crack.

Therefore, if the person has weak, thin or very soft nails, we recommend using the Rubber Base which will strengthen the natural nail, giving a flexible and durable finish.

At Pink Mask we try to create products that people love, that take care of people's health, and that preserve the world we live in. We invite you to get to know all of our products