Gel Color - Rubber Base Coat Clear

  • $9.98
Gel Color - Rubber Base Coat has 2 fantastic properties that make it very special, both during the application and after it too! 
  • High-Viscosity
  • Hyper-Flexibility

This product is perfect for strengthening thin, scaled, brittle or split nails; for overlayers or “capping” (it is self-leveling) and for extensions of the natural nail.

You can apply it the same way you do with traditional Gel Color - Base Coat, cures under UV/LED light. It does not require primer and can be removed with Gel Remover. 
If there is capping or leveling of the natural nail, it is recommended to use a grit 180 file and then the Gel Remover.

It can be used as a Base Coat for semi-permanent enamelling and highly recommended to be used before a construction with Easy Gel.
Code: GELCOL-008

All Pink Mask nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, and 13-free, formulated for long lasting shine with a 700 bristle brush for easy application! Our formula boasts strong pigmentation, is self-leveling in nature, does not shrink when used, and is easy to handle!

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