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A polymer that, when combined with a monomer from the same line, forms the artificial nail. Embrace a new, easy-to-use method for achieving impeccable nail designs. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, our self-leveling formula ensures a bubble-free, even-toned look. Enjoy long-lasting beauty with superior adhesion. It provides precise control for professionals who prefer working with a moderate polymerization rate.

Made in the United States. Not requiring a UV lamp for drying. Exclusive pigmentation that prevents yellowing. Easy to remove with a nail file or drill.

Cont. 55g / 1.94 oz.

  1. Prep the nail and remove the natural shine.
  2. Apply Ultrabond Pink Mask to the nail.
  3. Dampen the brush with Monomer Solution.
  4. Take an acrylic bead.
  5. Place the bead on the nail without spreading it.
  6. Blend it towards the tip using the brush.
  7. Shape and file the sides of the nail.
  8. Achieve a precise finish with the drill bit.
  9. Complete the look with a Top Coat and apply Cuticle Oil.

Un polímero que al mezclarse con monómero de la misma línea permite crear uñas increíbles. Descubre una forma sencilla de construir uñas. Perfecto tanto para principiantes como para profesionales, gracias a su fórmula autonivelante garantiza un aspecto uniforme sin burbujas. Belleza duradera con un gran poder de adhesión .

No necesita lámpara UV para el secado. Además, nuestra pigmentación exclusiva evita el amarilleo. Y lo mejor de todo, es fácil de remover con una lima de uñas o una herramienta de pulido.

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