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Chameleon Deco Powder #3


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Chameleon Powders are iridescent pigments that transform your designs into a kaleidoscopic work of art. They capture light uniquely, offering a dazzling variety of shades that shift and shimmer. Perfect for adding a mesmerizing touch to your nail art. 

Step by Step

How do you apply it? Achieve the power of shine with just a few simple steps. 

  1. Apply Base Coat. Cure

  2. Use 2 thin layers of Gel Color of choice. Cure. By using a similar base color with your Platinum chrome, you can intensify the finished chrome color. Keep in mind that the final color can change depending on the base color you apply. 

  3. Apply Top Coat and cure it in UV/LED lamp for 20 seconds.

  4. Use the Silicone Tool to apply the powder onto the desired area of your nail. 

  5. Brush away excess powder with our Fan 18 brush.

  6. Apply two layers of Top Coat to ensure a flawless finish.

Net weight: 1g.

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