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Easy Tips - Coffin Medium


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Pre-shaped gel tips with a matte finish, specially designed for Gel-X, soft gel or press-on nail extensions.

These innovative nail extensions offer a lightweight, easy-to-apply, and time-saving alternative when constructing or creating a specific nail shape. Their natural curvature and ultra-thin design allow for an optimal fit on the nails. Additionally, they can be trimmed or filed without damaging the nail structure.

Available in a box of 550 pieces, with 11 different sizes ranging from 0 to 10. Soak-off product. Shape: Coffin.

  1. Begin by enhancing adhesion through the creation of porosity on the inner side of the tip.
  2. Thoroughly prepare the natural nail.
  3. Apply the product designated for adhesion — either Solid Gel or Rubber Base Coat — onto the tip.
  4. Position the tip at a 45º angle in relation to the natural nail. Gently slide it down from the cuticle to cover the free edge.
  5. Cure the application using a lamp.
  6. Trim and file as needed to achieve the desired shape and length.
  7. Utilize a buffer file to add some texture, enhancing polish adhesion.

Estas innovadoras extensiones de uñas ofrecen una alternativa liviana, fácil de aplicar y que ahorra tiempo al momento de construir o crear una forma de uña específica. Su curvatura natural y su delgadez extrema permiten un ajuste óptimo sobre las uñas. Además, se pueden cortar o limar sin dañar la estructura de la uña.

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