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Our Corrective Base Coat is a high-viscosity leveling base. This viscosity is greater than that of our Rubber Base Coat. Its smooth texture glides effortlessly over the nails, smoothing out any irregularities and creating a uniform surface, perfect for applying a unique nail art design afterward. It serves multiple purposes, including leveling, capping, and encapsulating.

Usage and Application: The Corrective Base Gel falls between our Strengthening Base and Builder Gel in a Bottle in terms of consistency. By using this product, you can achieve natural nail leveling, capping services, and encapsulation. You can also create raised designs (not 3D). Please note that this product is not intended for nail extensions using the natural nail mold or for Soft Gel services.

Curing Time: Cure under a UV lamp for approximately 60 seconds. Once cured, you should remove the inhibition layer.

✦  All Pink Mask nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, and 13-free, formulated for long  lasting shine with a 700 bristle brush for easy application! Our formula boasts strong pigmentation, is self-leveling in nature, does not shrink when used, and is easy to handle!

✦  Our products are marketed with a minimum of 9 months before their expiration date.

✦  Warning: We try to show our shades as faithfully as possible, but they may look different depending on the device from where we look at them.

✧ Code: GELCOL-055

Nuestra Corrective Base Coat es una base niveladora de alta viscosidad. Dicha viscosidad es mayor a la de nuestra Rubber Base Coat. Su textura suave se desliza fácilmente sobre las uñas, rellenando las irregularidades y dejando una superficie uniforme para luego realizar el diseño de nail art de manera única. Se puede utilizar tanto para nivelar, para capping y encapsular.

Usos y aplicación: La Corrective Base Gel es una base nivelador de consistencia intermedia entre nuestra Base Fortalecedora y Builder Gel in a Bottle.
El uso de la misma te permitirá realizar nivelación de la uña natural, servicio de capping y encapsular. También podrás realizar diseños con relieve (NO 3D). El producto no está formulado para extensiones con molde de la uña natural y tampoco para realizar servicios de Soft Gel.

Tiempo de curado: Curar en lámpara UV por aproximadamente 60 segundos.

  1. Apply a layer of Traditional Base Coat.
  2. Brush a thin coat of Corrective Base Gel over the entire nail. Without curing, place a new droplet of Corrective Base Gel at the center of the cuticle area.
  3. Gently guide this droplet as close to the cuticles as possible, then bring it down in a "U" shape toward the free edge.
  4. Use a liner brush to spread the product towards the sides and around the cuticle area.
  5. Rotate the finger at a 45° angle and move it from side to side to even out the product smoothly.
  6. While turning the finger, ensure the product forms a perfect oval shape. If not, continue to level as needed.
  7. Cure under a UV lamp for about 60 seconds.
  8. Apply nail polish or create the desired design. Finish with a Top Coat.

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