Stamping Plate: BASICS

  • $6.89

Create amazing Nail Art and cool designs with our stainless steel Stamping Plates!

¿How to do Stamping?

1. Remove the protecting film from the Stamping Plate. Don't forget to read the instructions written on the box. They can help you out!

2. Apply the Nail Mask around the nails and wait a few seconds for it to dry.

3. Apply a coat of a Pink Mask stamping polish on one of the edges and sweep it with the scraper firmly and quickly.It is recommended to only sweep once, and not several times. 

4. Lift it with the stamper immediately. The movement to lift the design must be fast, using a pendular movement but without applying too much pressure against the Stamping Plate. The stamper should not be pressed in a perpendicular or straight way, but rather first on one side of it (corner), then the middle, and lastly the other side. 

5. Transfer the design to the nail, applying some pressure this time.

6. As a final step, remove the Nail Mask, apply Top Coat, cure it and that's it! Remember to clean the stamping plate, stamper and other utensils. (Don't forget to seal them well once you are done).